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What is UiBot?

UiBot,Charging into the RPA+AI market.
UiBot is the leading RPA platform in China. It is developed by a team with more than 18 years experience in Robotic Process Automation technologies and is supported by the largest RPA community with over 50,000 developers. Together with our partners, we provide the best RPA products and services for both enterprises and individuals.

What is RPA? Introduction to RPA robot
RPA  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the automation or augmentation of manual repetitive tasks to improve user productivity. RPA concepts have evolved from screen-scraping technologies that predate the development of the Internet to Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) that incorporates the latest techniques in machine learning and dynamic workflows. RPA is applicable to a wide-range of process and is, therefore, applicable to all vertical industries and companies in both the mid and enterprise markets.
Areas of RPA Application
The Application of RPA in Banking Industry and the Automation of RPA Robot Process in Banking Industry

RPA in Banking

RPA can help banks process the data and move it into another system. Compared with traditional automation, RPA has many advantages in banking industry, deploymenting a RPA bot no need changing or promoting their excisting core IT architechture, they exist as a plug-in.
Application of RPA in Insurance Industry and Automation of RPA Robot Process in Insurance Industry

RPA in Insurance

Recently, RPA bot is changing the way of insurance companies running their business.Those businesses usually have a complex workflow to process, therefore companies who use RPA more ealier can save much time and labor cost for inputing/delivering data in traditional systems to increase efficiency.
Application of RPA in Retail Industry, RPA Robot Process Automation in Retail Industry

RPA in Retailing

Nowadays, RPA applications in retailng is growing pretty fast. More and more enterprises are looking forward robots to simplifying suppliers' good delivering and taking competitive advantages from demanders. According to Mckinsey & Company, more than 54% work in retailing or CPG industry will be automated.
Application of RPA in Medical Industry, RPA Robot Process Automation in Medical Industry

RPA in Healthcare

As RPA bots be popularized recently, the integration of info in this area will be more eazier than before. Different with the hardware, the healthcare RPA bot can help health professionals leave their time-consuming and error-prone manual work to bots to simplify the workflow and release human resource, and healthcare process automation gives staff more time paying attention to creative things.
Application of RPA in Education, Process Automation of RPA Robot in Education

RPA in Education

RPA bots can replace people to eliminate manual processes in paperwork, be widely used in recruitment, admission, attendance, conference affairs, teaching arrangement, procurement, performance, recording and financial affairs, etc. For educational administrators, RPA bot can replace people to execute tedious tasks; for teachers, RPA bot can help them manage attendance,grading and courses selection,etc.
Application of RPA in Public Utilities, Process Automation of Public Utilities RPA Robot

RPA in Public affairs

RPA bot can be a primary assistant help enterprises (not only electricity companies) manage their data and enhance customers experience. More and more public-service companies will realize the true value of RPA in two ways:1, cost less and work more; 2, more services are people-oriented. RPA will make a great impact on this area.